Today vs Yesterday

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August 30, 2016 by luzzara

Today is a world of Now, a place where we can order online and have it at 9am. It is a time where you can be an expert in a weekend or a guru after a 100,000 followers.

“Yesterday” was a time of You Should, a time when you school to become a teach and we taught for 30 years. It was a time where planning for the future was normal and walking to your 9 – 5 job was what everyone did.

I look at the world and I see all the “you should’s” and appreciate all the “Now” i receive and sit back and wonder if one way better then another? 100 years ago, the problems of the day were vastly different, as will the problems of tomorrow, then the problems of now and I can’t help but to think are our problems increased by the disconnect that our overly connected world brings.

Would living in a world were someone told me I should ________ , be any fun? The pressure that that would have would be so heavy. That said, how is that any different then a world where you can do anything, the pressure of having access to everything and not knowing where to go is as heavy. Today vs Yesterday, as I sit and ponder the idea of being told I should do something oppose to I should try everything (which is how today’s society makes it feel), does one way make us happier healthier people or just mold us in different ways? For me, the idea of so many options has become overwhelming, I can do or try anything, I can swipe left or right, if it works great, if not “oh well”.

Is this going to be our demise or our success… I guess as I spend the time digging deep in the self discovery mine, I will come up with my answer. My guess is, it will be my success, but only because I connect, but will that be the way in thirty years?

Am I there yet?

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