Find Self through Selfie

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July 29, 2014 by luzzara

ForcedIt takes a lot to really look within and evaluate, judge and be judged has become such common place in today’s fast paced, ego driven, comparative world we have grown into. Over the last while I’ve been thinking a lot about self, self discovery, creating self, valuing self and evolving self. This has been on my mind and leaving me with an overwhelming feeling of curiosity, because of the Selfie, that photo that says it all, that provokes a reaction or is merely there to capture a memory.

In reviewing discovering ones self (Self: “a person’s essential being that distinguishes them from others, especially considered as the object of introspection or reflexive action.”) and taking selfies, I started to notice a few things: perception vs reality, pride vs narcissism and connection vs disengage.

I went back and went through my photos and came to the realization that I saw something entirely different then what others were seeing. Photos say a lot, they tell a story… but sometimes the story they tell is exactly that, just a story. Every day, people take photos to show how they are feeling, sometimes that photo is forced “I don’t feel good, but I’ll smile, take a selfie and then feel good once people like it.” Fake it, till you make it? Or Validation equals reality?

It is being said that this generation is the most narcissistic of all time. Taking photos because you are proud and excited about a moment is one thing, taking hundreds of photos of yourself daily, posting them, reposting and in the pursuit of validation of your own self worth… well that is narcissism, but that is certainly not the norm when it comes to the average person. The average person doesn’t, pout their lips, flex their muscles, take photos for reaction, most people take photos because they are in a moment, excited, bored, curious, proud… is that a narcissistic generation? Maybe? Edit, re-edit, take one photo and make it look so different or are we turning into a society who can’t sit still? Who has to be a certain way to feel excepted… narcissistic? or is that insecure?


As I went through my selfies from over the last year, I could see happiness, achievement, and excitement, my eyes were glowing, my smiles were soft and natural and memories are clear on the other hand…I see bad days, frustration and force, my smiles are fake, my eyes are sad and my energy low. As I sit here, looking at these photos and think of how hard we judge ourselves and how drastically we evolve over one year, let a lone a lifetime, it makes me wonder why the selfie is such a bad thing.

I see truth in my photos, I see the good and the bad, I see vulnerability and the desire to connet, even if that is through shared insecurities and forced smiles. I have found a new found respect and appreciation of selfies this week, I am taking the time to look at you and at me and ask the question, How are you today?

Can you guess which ones are real smiles and which are force?

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