Creating space for Creativity.


April 6, 2014 by luzzara

Over the past year and a half I have been like so many people I know, taking steps forward and sometimes steps back and over the last few months I have realized that not everyone takes leaps of faith, chances on life and I’m exception not the rule. So often people let their fear of being judged, failure, money, circumstance stand in their way for trying something new.

Mama JacksonIf you’ve known me IRL for any length of time, you’d know that I have a super supportive family and my Mom is beyond creative. A few months ago, we sat down and decided that now is the time to start a new creative venture. The ideas began to come quickly and the vision came together quickly and the vision is to teach, helping others express their creative side.

Makers and Mentors, teaches private and public classes for all that is creative, we believe that creating is a human need. We facilitate workshops and classes for many different things, knitting, crocheting, meditative doodling, calligraphy, art journaling, embroidery… as well as older traditional skills like canning and bread making, as well as workshops for cool project like creating t-shirt yarn, party décor, picture frame jewelry boards and so much more.

Teaching Level one class

Being creative is a wonderful thing, but the ability to share it with others brings so much joy and knowing that these skills are being passed along to a new generation ensures these skills won’t die off as this technological world continues to grow.

Makers and Mentors

This winter hit me harder then others, I can’t even express how excited I am to create, to explore and to adventure through this next season.

3 thoughts on “Creating space for Creativity.

  1. oimiluzinha says:

    Happy that you and your mom, together, are doing this exciting venture and being an inspiration for me, honestly.I hope, soon, I will be able to share my own. Lots of best wishes for you and your mom :0)

  2. I love your idea and your name. I think my creative side was stunted a very long time ago. The only knitting I tried you couldn’t even get the wool off the needles because it was so tight. lol I think that you both are so lucky to be together doing this and sharing and helping others what a great feeling that must be. Good luck and Blessings.

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