A big change


March 2, 2014 by luzzara

It is the beginning of March

It is cold

I am busy

I am go go go

I struggle

I push forward

I start again

It is cold

I like my job

I love my freelance

Today is sunny

I do for others

Today I do for me

A change is coming

Today is beautiful.


Love itI decided at the beginning of the year that this was the year of events… I wasn’t sure what that meant at the time. Since the new year I’ve helped with a great goal setting workshop at Blitz Conditioning, I was in a great book club for The Desire Map, I did a pop up café with On The Spot Pop Up, I’ve gone to the mountains with my mom, I’ve put myself out there and started dating more, I am starting a new business with my Mom and its only been two months.


Mountains In the book club, we had opening up, sharing, vulnerability and growth. At our 2rd book club, I mentioned I was going to get away get centered, do some yoga and figure stuff out, at the 3rd session I said I’d picked a date and was probably going to go alone or with my Mom. I was a bit surprised when someone said “You just do it… whatever it is, don’t you?” I smiled and shrugged. Since that was said to me I have had time to think about that more and more. Yes, I do… sometimes it is amazing and rocks and sometimes it doesn’t. What I realized though was, not everyone can just take a chance, the leap is the hardest part, the idea/end product is easy… its that choice to leap that is was is terrifying. This is now something I acknowledge and am abundantly proud of!


PlanningIn the next month, I’ll be super busy with my day job, we are growing and changing so quickly which is both giving me new challenges but also the freedom I need to pursue my passion project. One of these projects launches on March 29th, I am starting a new business with my Mom, it will be an amazing creative outlet and community building experience. Meanwhile I have three great clients, who I am helping to grow their brand and build a follow and have people love them as much as I do.


Today is cold and today I am going to get stuff done, hope you do too! 

One thought on “A big change

  1. oimiluzinha says:

    Superglad for you, wish you the best in your passion project!you go,girl!

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