It doesn’t have to be perfect you just have to start.

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January 17, 2014 by luzzara

I pride myself it being a straight forward person and I try to take it as well as I give it. Sometimes this doesn’t work when my brother is the one giving it, BROTHERS. 

A beautiful summer afternoon, a patio was found, beers would be had and a seed would be planted. I sat with my friend Chris, who also happens to be my trainer and an all around awesome individual, we order, we shot the shit and then he drops the “G” word… Goals. As the conversation continued, we discussed a slowing down of the drive that the year had started with, we chatted goals and for once I was speechless (Yes this does happen from time to time).

Over the next few weeks I come to realize, support is key, giving and getting.  And so it began, The Fitness Accountability League.

Today, six months later, the League is growing; today at 100 amazing members. The League is filled with smart, motivated, inspirational people who aren’t perfect, but who have started their journey. I’m not perfect, I struggle, I make 3 steps forward and fall 2 steps back… and then I start again. But I start again.

This week I remind myself that if you don’t struggle from time to time, you don’t get pushed to start again, re evaluate and take a side step, that needed re routing or detour. I’m side stepping right now, slowing down the monkey mind, taking time to remind myself of what I truly love and what drives my life and my growth, what inspires me and how that can give me a few hints to the next buried treasure of life. 

This week is exploring the feelings, those good and bad, this shit is kinda scary. Being abundantly honest with yourself is almost harder then being honest with those around you, but hey… The treasure at the end of the long journey might just be worth it.



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