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January 2, 2014 by luzzara

Stepping back a bit from blogging and tweeting over the last few months, hasn’t been intentional, but it has brought forward some major realizations.

  1. I love the internet and all that it has to offer.
  2. I both blog for me and for others… this is good and bad.
  3. Twitter is a vicious web of awesome and bullshit, its easy to get tangled.
  4. I haven’t found my balance between being online and being “On”.
  5. I cherish a lot of the relationships I’ve formed because of Twitter, more then words can say.
  6. I’m still trying to find my place in this world and writing helps me do that.
  7. I’ve told I am the same in person as I am online, I like this.
  8. The more ideas I have the more overwhelmed I get, figuring out how to make so much awesome happen is scary.
  9. Meeting people in real life is like a ride at an amusement park, sometimes you love it, sometimes its super painful.

10. I have learned a lot over the last few years and get reminded everyday how much I don’t            know and I’m so excited about that.

I’m no longer 29, I am now 30 and damn proud of it. Planning and preparing for the future is an exciting journey. Knowing that this life is a great choose your own adventure and if everything falls into place, you can be choosing adventures for years and year and years. I plan to write, write when I’m happy, when I’m sad, when I’m frustrated, when I’m excited, when I’m scared and when I have a soap box to stand on, I might not give away all my secrets… but that’s why we’ll have coffee and the journey will continue.

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