1 day till 30!


August 30, 2013 by luzzara

I am 29 for exactly 24 more hours.

Over the last year I have really pushed myself in ways I would have never have expected.

So often in life we are looking back, back to what we used to look like, used to feel, used to do, used to… and thirty is that age where people think “I should be…”. Here is the thing, life is short, sometimes shorter then other times, and when you look at how many people are in the world and how long it has been here I am continually reminded of the fact that no matter if you are 5, 30 or 92, you inspire and impact the communities you are involved in. No more looking back, it’s time to look forward and accept now for what is offering.

For me, I hope to be like my parents, living a life based on love, passion and community where the relationships that are built from a young age following us in a positive and constructive way, well into old age. If I live for another year or another sixty I look forward to living a meaningful life where I always continue to grow and embrace milestones like this one and all the little moments that lead us to the big ones.

2012-11-13 17.32.05-1

I am 29 and tomorrow I will be 30, I will go into the part of my life with grace and love and just possibly a lot of sweat (getting our dance on).

One thought on “1 day till 30!

  1. You are my hero of the day, Sarah. I’ve chosen to do something similar with my life for a year and felt really discouraged today. But this post has encouraged me to not give up – thanks for sharing!

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