Job hunting is like dating


August 18, 2013 by luzzara

We’ve all been there; we have wanted a new job desperately the overwhelming feeling is like when you have a crush on someone new. Everything about this potential opportunity has gotten you excited; you read, reread, analyzed and scrutinized the job post and now you are ready to take the plunge. You send the resume, make the call; you’ve applied (Ask them out). The waiting games begins and the inevitable questioning does too: did you leave a good enough impression to make their stomach do flip flops, did I sound professional, am I smart enough, do I have enough skills, do I type fast enough… do people care about that? AHHHHHhh

The phone rings, the email received, contact has been made! They want to meet me… Shit, what do I wear, who will I be meeting, how long will the interview be, should I study, what do I study, what if I don’t know the answer, what if I don’t dress professional enough, what if I look to stuffy.

We Meet.

We Talk.

It went well…

… I think!

You leave, and then it begins, did they like me? Am I what they were looking for? Should I follow up, I will follow up… “Thank you for meeting me”… “I’d like to take this opportunity to truly, express my gratitude” BARF… “Dear ______, thank you for giving me the opportunity to interview for ________ I would be honored to be a member of your team.” Seriously why do I sound like such a dork?

Day 1

Nothing… The job posting just closed, the interview was just yesterday, I rocked that, they loved me, I’m awesome.

Day 3

Nothing… Did they say they’d call? Maybe they had a few more interviews to do, I think I rocked that interview… I think.

Day 5

Nothing… They should be done interviewing by now, did I answer the questions ok, would I really like working there? I thought I rocked the interview.

Day 6

Nothing…. They don’t like me, I didn’t get it, I’m awesome, why wouldn’t I get it.

Day 7

Nothing… They are still making a decision, this is an important role, they can’t rush.

Day 8

Seriously NOTHING… I didn’t want this job anyway, I could get paid more somewhere else… but I’d be perfect for it and we really hit it off.

(The: You break up with them before they with you. Approach)

Day 9

Email: “Thank you for meeting with us, when can we speak with you on the phone”

SHIT, is this good, is this bad, I rocked that interview… or did I… Why do they want to talk to me on the phone if I didn’t get it, but if I didn’t get it that would be a nice way to hear it, but if I didn’t get it why not just tell me in an email. SHIT.

(And when you have lost all hope.)

Day 10

Scenario A

Phone rings: Yes it is. It was nice to meet with you too, ohhhh no no I understand (shit shit shit shit shit, I thought that went so well) Thank you for calling, it was nice to hear from you, please consider me if any other positions become available.

(If you didn’t want me, you could have email to do the deed. But it is nice to get a call… huff)

Scenario B

Phone rings: Yes it is. It was nice to meet you also, yes, yes (I think I got this… Yeahhhh Happy Dance) Yes, Ohhh, I understand if they have more experience that is what is best for you business. (FUCK Second, seriously… so close, damn it.) Thank you for calling, have a wonderful day.

(And now start all over again)

Scenario C

Phone rings: Yes it is. It was nice to meet you as well, yes, yes, why thank you, oh really that is wonderful (I got it, I got it, I got it…. SHIT YEAH they like me!!!!) I look forward to working together, thank you for getting back to me so promptly (my ass… 10 day is forever) I will review the offer email and sign it and sent back as soon as possible.

Then in the end, once you stop looking or hoping, it all works out.

The job, the person and your dreams arrive.

Everything will be all right in the end and if it’s not all right, then it’s not yet the end.

One thought on “Job hunting is like dating

  1. boredlandia says:

    So you’re saying job hunting AND dating sucks so don’t do them at the same time!! You are so right… Its always more difficult than we want! Good thing is when you land the job it was worth it and when you find the one nothing else matters!

    Great blog

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