Life Changes A Lot In Two Years

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July 17, 2013 by luzzara

As the days become closer and closer to that “scary” birthday and with the intent to reflect on where I’ve been and where and what I want to do, July 17 stands out in my mind.


Two years ago today, was the last day my café was open. It was a bitter sweet day, I had more amazing people come and show support for me and what I had created then I could have imagined. A day when my heart was breaking I was shown so much love, kindness and friendship. Looking at what I had build, now two years later, I know it wasn’t making coffee I loved (which I do) but it was the people, conversations, stories and true connections that I loved… and miss. Where do you get that if not in a café, is the question I ask myself daily, I feed on the connection, it inspires me and motivates me.

I had the opportunity to create so many true friendships, natural and authentic connections that I feel blessed to have had the experience.

Today, I have a job, yes it is in the coffee world, but it doesn’t give me the ability to connect like I used to, I believe that is the next journey.

Thank you to everyone who came to Luzzara, who know me as the coffee Sarah Jackson and who desperately want me to do it again. I am always up for a coffee, shoot me an email. 

(Thank you Sarah Taylor @shininghappy)

(Thank you Brittney Le Blanc)

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