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February 12, 2013 by luzzara

Over the last few weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about how our actions speak louder then words, holding the door open for someone and looking them in the eye goes a long way to the value we have about our selves and gives value to those who kind things are done for. This week is Valentines, that week were you buy some one you love something pink or red, sugary, over priced and because you feel obligated to do something “special”.

I am putting out a challenge, Give What Matters, for me I’m single I’m not expecting gifts or candy or flowers and when I have been in a relationship I haven’t put much merit into a consumeristic day, when flowers on a sunny Sunday mean more, but after learning more and more about the small things we can do to help our local community flourish. Attached is a link to The Bissell Centre where you can donate a lunch, a bath kit, a turkey you can donate not just a dollar value, but you can choose what will make your heart happy, where you want your donation to go. 

If the flowers or candy are what you are planning, then great they will be taken with open arms, but perhaps adding a little something else might just warm your heart that much more.


Here are some great organizations that you might also want to think of:

The Bissell Centre

Hope Mission

edmonton sexual assault centre

Early Literacy 

Edmonton Humane Society


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