Self Image – loving it


January 1, 2013 by luzzara

Self-image – the idea, conception, or mental imageone has of oneself.

Over the last few months I have taken being healthy to a new level and over the last couple of weeks I have been reminded a lot about self image, the way we see our self and how that affects our emotional, mental and physical state. I began to do some research on how a positive self image is reflected in media, pop culture and on the internet, and found it truly hard to find information or videos that reflect accepting / positive views of self. This actually has made me pretty annoyed, in this last year before I turn thirty, the idea of being in a culture that doesn’t promote the positive of all, really bothers me.


I started to think about this when I came across a picture of Marilyn Monroe, she is compared a lot to models today. In the past women were found to be attractive and desirable if they had curves (birthing hips some say) men were deemed attractive if they were strong and could take care of the family. Today, it’s more about who will look the best in the clothes that someone has deemed to be trendy and popular.

 Image Image

Over the last week I’ve watched a lot of documentaries, tv shows and youtube videos about weight, weight loss, body image and came to a few very interesting observations.

            When you are unhappy with your body you see what others don’t.  I don’t know too many people who have married/fallen in love with the person that they “thought” they would. They fall in love with a person, short, tall, butts, beer bellies and all. Why do we have such a struggle with loving ourselves as much as those around us or why do we not let people love us for our strength and in spite of our “weaknesses”?


I the British documentary “Super Skinny Me” over six weeks two reporters take on the challenge of going from a size 10 to 0 in a short amount of time.  Over the six weeks we see how they do loss weight and their bodies change, but you also see how the are not just losing weight, but their mind as well. Each report tries different fad diets each week (promoted or found in pop culture) to see how far they can push themselves to be thin. Over the coarse of the documentary you hear from family, friends and coworkers and the over all consensus is that having such restrictions/obsession, actually began to take away the reporters sense of self, they became these drones that couldn’t move or think clearly. At the end one reporter had been told she was border lining an eating disorder, the other made it to size 0, but she states she was way happier when she was a size 10. She valued her time with her boyfriend which she had little of when working so hard to be as small as possible, she valued the energy she had when she was able to eat food she enjoyed. This is extreme but what was clear was that your exterior has the ability to change, yes, but once it does its your mind that has to love what’s there and how to have an accepting mind is the real challenge.


This led me to wonder what are the triggers that lead us to not accepting our bodies? The human form is beautiful, the distinct differences between all bodies is actually one of natures most beautiful and interesting blessings, hard to believe that one “form” can have so many amazing variations. I have been talking to a lot of my friends about this over the last few weeks and both the men and women I spoke with have huge insecurities, some even with extremely fit “ideal” bodies and others are happy in their own skinny, knowing they could/should have a smaller tummy or nicer arms. I watched this youtube video and it hit the nail on the head, society is cruel, people have insecurities that they project onto others, they have a sense of entitlement that leads them to believe that they can say and do whatever they want even if it is wrong or misinformed. These insecurities start at a young age, when it isn’t combated with strong role models that own who they are and I truly mean WHO they are, not what they look like that comes once you own who you are, then the youth begin to start to believe these word, images that pop culture bombard them with, then as adults it takes a long time to realize that confidence that some hold and others don’t isn’t from the size of jeans they wear or hot great they look in a bikini or with out a tee-shirt, it has way more to do with knowing who you are and what you stand for, finding self.


All of these words: esteem, worth, image, when proceeded with the word self our society has made it negative, if you google “self esteem” things that comes up are about “strengthening” “building” and why is that? Self esteem is the emotional evaluation of his or her own worth, and why aren’t we starting with a positive and accepting self worth rather then having society tell us that we should improve our self worth to meet what “we” deem to be acceptable.


Men, women, children, gay, straight, old, young… we all have insecurities we all might have an image of what would be our ideal, but isn’t it time to take a deep breath and say “I love who I am today” “I accept others who they are inside and out” our self image can be so damaging to not only ourselves but to everyone around us, projecting our negative energy and disappointments will only propitiate others to take more value in the bad rather then the good. So today, don’t judge, yourself or others, encourage, compliment and promote self love, we will get so much further if this is what we teach and the energy we put out. 

Remember you are not your body! Great Tedtalk

7 thoughts on “Self Image – loving it

  1. Great post lady! People’s self-esteem (mainly women, but men are included here too) are WAY too affected this day and age by the media and what society leads us to believe as “attractive”. It’s terrible. Marilyn Monroe is one of the world’s most famous beauties, and it’s obvious why. The stick-skinny models nowadays are only teaching our young (and old) that being unhealthy is what makes us attractive. Dove has one of the best self-image campaigns going, and I’m a huge supporter of Dove BECAUSE of the campaign route they have chosen.

    • luzzara says:

      Thank you, the Dove campaign is great because it shows all type of beauty, thin, thick, tall… everything which I also love. Thanks for reading.

  2. Happy New Year! I just saw a link from Blitz Conditioning to your 90 Day Challenge on FB, and checked out your blog. Love what you have to say – what a beautiful and healthy perspective you have on body image and weight- something I’m very passionate about! 😉 Look forward to reading more!

    • luzzara says:

      Thank you so much, I appreciate you taking the time to read my thoughts, Blitz is amazing adding so much to my perspective, I love it. And I’m loving how my thoughts and words about this journey have begun to inspire others

  3. […] stayed on track with my goals. I have found that since I really started to think about self-image (please read my latest blog post) and the idea of accepting oneself at all stages of their journey is important and as long as I am […]

  4. cryssie says:

    Great writing here ! I have to add that culture definitely does play a role in self image.

    Having been brought up predominantly in the hearing culture, I have grown up my entire life with my disability tied into my self image. I have been fortunate to be quite the confident person, and was never overly concerned with my figure, but more so with my disability, what I could do / could not do. Growing up, I never really obsessed about my figure, and spend more time trying to keep people from seeing me as”the deaf girl”.

    Sadly in the deaf culture when I am around deaf people, I do become concerned with my self image. I think it has to do with the fact that the deaf culture is big on descriptors and classifiers to describe people’s physical characteristics and personality and with a lack of tact, a strongly rooted deaf person will describe me with signs to other deaf individuals as the “fat, deaf girl” To me, the way they use descriptors and classifiers stings me more than a hearing person who will say “Sturdy, thick, compact, localized, hour-glass, and those vocal descriptors hurt a lot less than the descriptors signs used by deaf people.

    I’m not sure where I am going on with this comment. Perhaps its to invoke a conversation or new thoughts for you to ponder upon for future posts.

  5. Nicole says:

    Great post. Reminds of Jenny McCarthy’s wise words (!) reflect don’t project!

    I have been so much happier since I stopped weighing myself altogether about 3 years ago. Since then I’m more in tune to what is happening with my body and how I feel about it. And maybe just getting older (!) has helped me love, accept and express myself. AND I find myself drawn to others who do the same. There’s enough negativity in the world, time to grab hold of as much joy as you can in every person and situation!!

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