Today is the day the ritual begins

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December 3, 2012 by luzzara

Today is December 3, today is the first day of the second month of working out at the crack of dawn every weekday, today is the day I start another new ritual.

November flew by; I started to attend a boot camp daily (Monday to Friday at 6:45am) this daily ritual is not something I’m accustom to or even was that fond of for the first couple of weeks (the getting up early part anyway).  The idea of fitness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle isn’t something I’m afraid of or even unfamiliar with, but this ritualized fitness routine is though. Getting up early and starting your day with a work out, doing this work out with people who have the same goals as yourself, and being not only accountable to yourself but also to them, is a feeling that is hard to describe.  I have been lucky enough to actually drive with someone else; this has been an amazing amount of extra motivation and support. I will speak more to this experience in my next post. (

While starting a new fitness regime I really slacked on the blogging this past month and actually didn’t post a single one, although I did get a chance to attend WordCamp Edmonton, which was a great blogging (wordpress) conference, that reminded me about the importance of being consistent ( I will be posting every Monday with the potential for a Thursday post as well)

After a month of no blogging, what have I learned on this journey of preparation?

Ritual is the key to success!

The end.

I’ll elaborate, I haven’t been as successful in the past in some areas as I could be or should be because I didn’t make it a priority. For fitness as much as I love it, it was never a priority or a routine that made the success inevitable, I haven’t blogged consistently because I don’t set aside time to write, I don’t do my dishes right away because I can do them later. What is the common factor, routine, creating and nurturing and maintaining a ritual that will build success.

At WordCamp, One of the speakers (Dana DiTomaso) spoke about her calendar ruling her life and I saw this first hand when I went to make plans with her, she knows she is available but she checks, puts the event/meeting in right away, it is now a priority, no chance to sacrifice the time that she has set, that time is now a priority in whatever topic that was scheduled.

Why is it that other people make the priority list in our calendar and we don’t? The truth is, you are more important, you are the most important, you should be scheduling time for you before time for others. Making you a priority in life is what is going to make you successful, happy, loyal, inspired… By empowering yourself to say “sorry I’m busy” because you want to read your book, clean your house, write poetry, is nothing to be ashamed of or to feel bad about. Once you start to value your time, you will begin to value the time you share and who you share it with so much more.

They say it takes 21 days to create a habit, I believe it takes a lot more then that, but this past month, getting up at 5:30 was much easier today then it was a month ago. And watching the new group of ladies joining our boot camp today, reminded me of how far I came and how each day is so very different.

We aren’t going to change over night or even in one month, but each day is a step toward a new you, a different you, a stronger more powerful you. Today, I am my priority, make you yours.


The possibilities are endless.  


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