30 by 30 ( #30by30 )

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October 22, 2012 by luzzara

Over the last 10 years, I like so many have struggled with weight loss. For me I have had moments of great success (I lost 30lbs over an eight month stretch) and I’ve had my share of struggles. I played sports in both junior and senior high and after obtaining a few serious injuries by grade eleven I was done with team sports. Working a in the food service industry since a teen didn’t help the situation with weight gain either, long late shifts with greasy food and the ability to over indulge. 

I’ve worked with trainers at big gyms, to find that yes I was getting stronger, but without gaining the knowledge about how I personally can be successful, I’m not a number and as mentioned in a previous post, “I’ve met girls like you” you haven’t met me.  I love to work out, I love the feeling after running stairs when you can’t really breath and for a split second you think why am I doing this, then you catch your breath and you are a peace.

Health is important to me, I had Mono in high school, I have never felt so bad and hope I will never experience that again. Mono affects everyone differently, but basically the way I felt and how my body was, was comparable to someone with chronic fatigue syndrome, which refers to severe, continued tiredness that is not relieved by rest and is not directly caused by other medical conditions, adding in a few other typical symptoms of mono, I was a wreck, for almost a month. I missed three weeks of school and a couple years later I realized that mono is likely the cause of inability to eat gluten. Being sick and knowing that I could have prevented it with rest and a healthier lifestyle, I over the years have come to learn to listen to my body and am very good at it, with probably only needing 3-5 sick days in the last 7 years.

Knowing the importance of being healthy and achieving it in the best way is where my struggle has always come in. I live a very social life, I love food, I don’t work out enough, I’ve tried diets… but for me when I had the most success with weight loss, energy gain and feeling better overall, I changed simple things, eating a primarily vegetable based, whole grain diet and worked out. But today, is the day I make the commitment to myself today and myself in 40 years to be healthy, fit and filled with energy.

 30 by 30 (#30by30) 10 months from now I will be thirty, I will be hitting a milestone and I want to hit it with grace, courage and excitement, I don’t want to say what if…. Today I am 211 lbs; I am 5’6 1/2 and a size 14. The goal lose 30lbs, run for 30 minutes straight, do 30 push up in a row, 30 days in a row of working out (I have a weak upper body) I might add more to the list, but these are the important ones to me. It would be amazing to reach these goals long before I’m thirty, but if it takes all ten months that’s what it takes. 

Now to clean out the cupboards and work out!

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