How a rough workweek affects you!

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October 21, 2012 by luzzara


I’m not one of those people who will go to school become a teacher and teach for the next thirty years, that works for some people but I know that will never be my life. In the last ten years I have managed a movie theatre, got an education in visual communication, managed a scooter shop, opened a café, managed a commercial coffee business and have had jobs here and there throughout. That being said, recently I have been looking back at how a job/career affected my mind, body and soul once the workday was over.


When I started to look at this year as a plan for the future I began to look at everything a bit differently, how people treated each other, spending time with people I care about, building and nurturing friendships but mostly I looked at  “work life balance”. I love to work, I love a project, I love growing and contributing to the growth of ideas, I love to teach and I love to lead, so at the end of the day what I love needs to balance what I need. What I need is to feel motivated, encouraged, lead, respected, inspired and excited about what I do.

Over time any job/career will have its ups and downs, its good weeks and its bad weeks. What I want to talk about is how those good weeks affect you compared to those bad ones. For me when I have a good a week at work I come home inspired, I clean, cook, spend time with my friends and family, I work out and I am creative and motivated. On the bad weeks, the weeks that I feel over worked and under paid, the weeks that I don’t feel valued, respected or appreciated as a person or an employee affect me in ways that I’m not proud of, I don’t eat well, I don’t work out, I come home from work and veg out, my house is a disaster and I avoid seeing or doing as much as I can.

Am I the only one this happens too? How is it that I absorb a bad day in a way that its me like a brick wall? Going from having the energy and motivation to take on the world to going to bed at 7pm and canceling plans with friends. Is this how it will always be or is it the job? Is finding a new job the answer?

For me I believe that I will always be that person who absorbs the good and bad energy around me and therefore I will always have issues with “taking my work home” but I guess now knowing that this is who I am, I will have to learn how to manage it… I will have the ability to grow and adapt but I guess for the moment, knowing that I have great friends that will listen and having a family that encourages is every way possible will be where I start today, that and getting off my butt and cleaning up my yard for winter. That’s the thing about life, everyday is new and everyday changes, accepting the good with the bad will only lead to learning and growing. 

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