Perception vs reality… does perception make it real?

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October 15, 2012 by luzzara


Recently, I have had this over whelming desire for change. I want to change the paint in my house I want new fall clothes, I want my career to evolve. The moment that change is dropped upon you can be very interesting, usually if it is a surprise it can be overwhelming or unnerving.


Last week, I had planned to run for the Old Strathcona Board of Directors again, sadly I was not voted back on (likely because I don’t work in the area & the membership don’t know what I’ve contributed) Unexpectedly I am now without, with out a passion … no, without a cause… no, without that organization… yes.  I began the weekend disappointed, and then I reminded myself that this just meant something new was in the works or something else needs me.


Following this unexpected new, a few people I’ve spoken with have made some comments and generalizations about me:

“I’ve known people like you and I just know its not going to work out in the long run”

“You just look creative”

“You must be confident, you are so direct”


Perception vs reality, I’m a firm believer that people are a product of their own experiences and if that means that they have preconceived ideas about people, places and situations its because their path to this point has lead them to believe this. My problem this week with this is, if you don’t have the ability to look past your perception how do you grow? How are minds changed and how do people evolve? And more importantly do these perceptions make it real?


I’m not like anyone else you have met, I can guarantee this fact, I might be bubbly, animated, confident and direct, but I’m ok with that, these facts don’t mean I should be sitting in the same box as all the bubbly, animated, confident and direct people that are out there, each person bring with them their own story. I might wear a fun scarf and yes I might be creative I don’t think that one comes is there because or inspire of the other. I am confident, but like everyone I also have moments of insecurities and worries and being confident and direct aren’t the same, I’m direct because I like clarity, I believe that if we can work to get the best results with a straight forward approach we evolve more quickly and with less issue.

Will I become what you think I am because you have places me in that box? Some people might, it is hard for people to trust the person they are when others place them in a box. Is this bullying or a form of it, I’d say yes. (Bullying is definitely the topic of the week on the Internet) Looking at bullying in this way is uncomfortable because people don’t like to think about themselves as bullies, but stereotyping is just that, everyone does it, jokes are made but when it all comes down to it growth and development is reliant on fighting past perceptions.


Perhaps my next adventure is to champion just that, fighting past preconceived perceptions, perhaps it is something more specific but what I do know I proud of who I am and I appreciate the moments I’ve had to get to know new people, work with organizations and share my ideas. 

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