Why Giving Matters

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October 10, 2012 by luzzara


I realized that I haven’t updated about how I am doing these days. It was been one month since this new journey has started and I can say looking critically at your life is hard, following your gut is hard and making change is hard. I’ve had moments that where I have felt pretty down, but am reminded that changed doesn’t happen over night, making smart strategic life changes isn’t something that you should do at a whim. 

In the last few weeks I have tried to do this Internet dating thing and really come do the decision that I really don’t like this dating style. Mainly because I have spent money on this (I’m doing this internet dating thing like an adult and using a good site) I am going to give it a go, it is always nice to have coffee with someone new.

Another thing I started to evaluate was where I wanted to spend my free time; I chose to not renew my position on the Ice on Whyte board of directors. This wasn’t a hard decision for me because I found that it was a very hands off volunteer position and I prefer to get my hands dirty, which is the reason why I will be running for a third term on the Old Strathcona Business Association Board of Directors. I’m very passionate about small business and about the wonderful area of Strathcona. Tonight is the AGM, I hope they vote me back.

A week ago today I spent most of the day in bed with a bit of a flu, around noon I mustered up all the energy I had to go to help with the Hope Mission #TweetForHope radiothon. It didn’t take long for me to be completely powered up, with all the energy in the room it would have been hard to not get excited. A bunch of great twitter folk, most of whom I’ve met many times, many are friends or will be once we get a few more hang outs together. We spent the lunch hour raising 2060 meals and over the coarse of the radiothon Hope Mission raised $131,000. 

The title of today’s blog is Why Giving Matters and over the last couple of weeks I’ve looked at giving of myself in a much different way then I did a few years ago. Last week I was able to see from start to finish where the donations were going, I was able to taste the food that was provided and see the people that were helped each day. So why does giving matter? It helps people, yes, but it is so much bigger then that giving is a ripple affect, I help you, you help someone else, I feel good for helping so I help more or in a different way… people see change and they begin to help and grow. Giving your time is an amazing commodity because it is worth so much, when you give it you feel valued and needed as that time could have been spent making money, spending time with loved ones and so much more. Jennifer Banks (@JenBanksYeg) recently started Make Jen’s Day http://makejensday.com/ which is a great example of how sharing kindness can explode into so much giving.

Why giving matters is also important because you and I won’t be around forever, giving our time, our ideas and our inspirations will teach the next generation to do the same.  This week one of my favorite employees I’ve ever had the pleasure to manage and employee gave his notice, a great opportunity came his way and he has taken it.  Last night I sat with him over a coffee and told him that he was my favorite and that I am excited for him to take this new challenge, we talked about what we need to do to teach his replacement he does his job so well and it is second nature that this will be a big change, the last thing I told him was I was proud to have been able to work with him and that I know he will be very successful.  Giving my knowledge and skills I’ve learnt and been taught to someone new is as important as giving money.

Give Locally, when you see where your donations, time and energy go, you will be inspired to give and feel more connected to your community.

This week I need to concur finishing building my website, perhaps I will have to go to a café and focus. I have an abundance of patience for people but technology… not so much. 


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