Following your gut

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October 1, 2012 by luzzara

The last couple of weeks have been pretty tricky for me, stepping back and evaluating my life hasn’t come as easily as I had imagined it would. Why I imagined it would be easy must have been crazy on my part. Looking critically at yourself is hard and being able to look at the areas of improvement honestly and constructively is a challenge that I wanted to take on.

Since I can remember, I have had great intuition and as I grew older I realized the importance following my gut instinct. Over this past summer I have been witness to moments where I believe trusting you intuition/gut were being discouraged and rather teaching fear was what was being instilled.  Being able to trust yourself is more important then being good at a lot of things, trusting yourself gives you the ability to handle a situation out of your comfort zone or control and therefore will make you feel much more empowered.

How do you nurture the ability to trust your own feelings and emotions? How do you teach children that sometimes its ok to talk to strangers and other times its not? How do you trust that feeling inside of yourself that this relationship, job, friendship… isn’t meant to be?

When I hear about times that people follow their gut, it almost always has something to do with a life or death situation. I’m starting to believe that people don’t know how to trust themselves on everyday situations where your guts speaks to you.

Your gut might tell you to run for the bus when you normally don’t, that split second decision might have given you a moment with an old friend on the bus or got you to work in time to put out a fire or get to see the most beautiful sunrise.  So now the questions is how do you know when what you are feeling is worth acknowledging, how can you tell the difference between something to fight for or something to run from? I believe that you need to listen to those feelings, taking the time to sit back and ask yourself why your gut is calling out to you. Not knowing right away is ok, but giving yourself the chance to recognize those feelings as your body giving you direction is important.

I look forward to what the future has to bring but more so I look forward to taking time to acknowledge that my feelings and instincts are more then just luck and chance, but a tool and perhaps even a skill once truly owned.

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