Awesome finds Awesome – Passion & Alignment

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September 10, 2012 by luzzara

Awesome finds Awesome – Passion & Alignment

Passion is a strong and barely controllable emotion. I’m passionate about a lot of things and usually when I get riled up about something the passion comes oozing out. Other times my passion can be a problem, specifically the fact that with passion come ideas and sometimes way more then can be appropriately managed or streamlined.

This has been the problem I’ve come across as of late, taking my ideas and passions and collecting them together to cultivate one strong idea or plan that will then come to fruition. Am I the only one with this problem, is it genetic, is this a problem creative minded people have?  I’m at the point where I have a clear idea of what my best skills are, where I can be an asset to others and what I need out of a job/career, maybe this job is something I need to create for myself maybe the stars will align and it will come my way. (My LinkedIN)

Over the couple of months I’ve heard people talking about being happy/unhappy they are aligned with certain people, which made me look at some of the relationships that I have built or dissolved. At first I didn’t like the sound of the word alignment because to me alignment sounds almost aggressive, creating an alliance or taking sides, but the more I think about this I realize that everyone make alignments consciously and unconsciously. I have this ability to connect with just about anyone I meet, some of these people I instantly get, what I love to call a “friend crush”, I know they are people I need in my life on a social level, they are the ones that will bring me joy they “make my heart happy”.  Others, I know we are like-minded, have similar passion and we will grow and evolve being around each other. I don’t seek out these people and I don’t go out of my way to find people to “align” with people because I think they will benefit me in a selfish way, I’m sure some people do, for me I believe awesome finds awesome and great things come from that.

When you are they kind of person who chooses to connect with new people on a regular basis, Edmonton has so many opportunities for this to happen; inevitably you connect with smart, amazing, passionate individuals who also know smart, amazing passionate people. The alignment comes naturally, organically and evolves with such energy and force.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve spoken to many people about this concept of alignment in different ways and one topic that I’ve been struggling with is how it can be difficult to give constructive feed back when we feel aligned with people/groups/businesses without offending or creating tension. Why is it that passionate smart people who are vocal about what they love have such a hard time being vocal when they have issues or criticism? When I’m working on something, creating and building a project, business or idea I welcome feedback. Criticism helps us to grow and improve, the problem is we are scared as connectors to offend or have negative reactions to our own personal opinion or experience. So, how do we keep moving forwards, keep aligning while being honest and transparent with out worrying about offending?

Over the last week I’ve had my own ups and downs with motivation, streamlining my passion and balancing my personal opinions with my professional duties. I’ve come to some realizations, I have created, nurtured and been blessed with great friendships and relationships. I need to make more effective use of my time when it comes to create and nurturing my passions. I need to sit and talk with new people more often, I felt the most energized when I get to know new people, have conversations the move so organically and need to feel like that more often.

This week, I will be going on an internet date, resigning from one of the boards I’m on, going to the cd release of a local band I love and attending a wedding of a good friend, this will be a full week.


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