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August 23, 2012 by luzzara

One week today I’ll be 29. 

With the realization that I’m now one year away from the “scary” age of thirty, I have begun to think hard about the future, reviewed the past and all while reminding myself that it is ok that I don’t have life all figured out yet. When looking back at the previous 5-10 years, I see I have so many great strengths but I also see so many ways that I can & should grown. 

More often then not, 30 is a tough age, I believe women feel it on a completely different level then men, they feel that they should be here or there, doing this or that and they have to justify choices they had made. As my friends start to hit this milestone, which it is, I am reminded of how much stress we put on ourselves at work, home, with friends, family, relationships but primarily on ourselves, to be fit, healthy, funny, cool, smart, sexy… the list goes on. The idea of being at a certain place in life at a certain time is exhausting and the pressure is over whelming and unnecessary. But over and over thoughts keeps rolling through my head, Am I Prepared? Am I Ready? And I don’t mean for “30” I mean for life, am I prepared to face new challenges, to grown, to have lifelong friendships, to have jobs challenges, health problems or achieve goals that seem unattainable, how do we handle these things?

So why am I blogging? I have decided that it is time to prepare myself to be 30, so when the time comes to take on the next 60, 70 or 80 years of my life that I’m ready, physically, mentally and emotionally. I am going to arm myself with new skills, discover what my true challenges are and how I will over come them all while changing and growing, pushing myself to be better, everyday, getting up when I fall and documenting a what it is like to be a 20 something, living in an unpredictable world.

I am spending the weekend, celebrating the marriage of one of my best friends, standing by her side and baring witness to a new chapter in her life is something I have been looking forward for years. Seeing the people you love committing to a life together is true inspiration.

The following week I have off before I go back to work, this is going to be step one on this journey. I’ll be meeting with a personal trainer to set goals, I’ll be attacking a few home owner things that I have been procrastinating at and I’ll be spending time reviewing my job, seeing if it is the place for me or just simply a job. 

Thank you for following me on this journey. Sarah


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